Despite a volatile year of climate events, environmental conditions, and market instability, Gro Intelligence’s proprietary models accurately predicted crop yields months ahead of end-of-season reports averaging between 92%-99% accuracy against final government reporting. 
 Some highlights of Gro’s 2023 Performance Report include:
  • For the past eight years, Gro’s US Corn Yield Forecast Model has been on average within 98% of the USDA final January report by September (three months in advance of final yield reporting).
  • Our US Soybean Yield Forecast Model has been on average within 99% of the USDA’s final number by September (i.e., three months in advance) since the model launched six years ago.
  • In regions where predictive modeling is not readily available or where data is hard to obtain — such as Ukraine, Brazil, and China — Gro’s 2023 Global Yield Forecast Models were on average 96% accurate up to 10 months ahead of final government reporting.

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