Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is creating extraordinary shocks for world food prices and commodity supplies. Gro Intelligence is offering to partner with humanitarian organizations on a pro-bono basis to help identify current crises and tackle those yet to emerge. In addition to our Gro For Good program, which provides all our models and data free of charge, our partnership extends to our team making themselves available to further explain and help navigate the unprecedented impact of this crisis.  

Our Gro For Good program provides a one-year Premium subscription at no cost to humanitarian organizations working on food security and/or climate change.

Gro For Good members use the Gro platform to:

  • Freely access our Humanitarian Food Crisis Toolkit to manage risks brought on by the Russia-Ukraine War
  • Conduct research for academic work
  • Analyze data to manage risks around food security or climate change
Gro For Good penn state 2021-1